What retailers can learn from a 9-year-old Girl Scout

February 06 2018 by Sam Naim

A 9-year-old Girl Scout and her father in California sold 312 boxes of cookies in few hours. What made that happen - Wait for it, are you ready? The answer is: They chose to sell the cookies near a pot dispensary. This takes us back to the basics of Marketing: Know your Customers, identify their needs and establish the best channel that will work the best to acquire these customers. For...

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Determining the Cost of Your Website: How Website Development Companies Can Help

June 01 2014 by Sam Naim

Are you at the stage where developing a website presence is the next step towards business success? Business owners of today are continuing to increase their online presence through the development of dynamic website designs that maximise market flow and growth of their business. But how much does a website cost to develop? This all depends on what you are looking for and what exact specifications you want to include...

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Did you know that you can optimize your website in 10 simple steps?

March 27 2014 by Sam Naim

Step 1

Decide if you want your site address to be or Search engines consider them as two separate addresses. Once you choose your url then apply a 301 redirect...

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How To Apply Canadian Taxes When Selling Online

September 10 2013 by Sam Naim

While it may seem overwhelming to consider the various kinds of taxes you need to charge when registering your e-commerce company in Canada, we’ve created this post to help you easily break it down. We will review how Canadian taxes apply for online storeowners registering their company in Canada as well as how to calculate taxes on products/services prices and shipping rates...

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